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Exclusive Services


We cater from...

  • influencing decision-makers,

  • excite your existing & potential clients & customers;

  • managing educational events from start to finish with an appreciation cocktail/dinner for your guests or virtual networking lounge,

  • managing fashion & lifestyle showcase,

to the nitty-gritty tasks required to fulfil your requirements.

6E team will ask enough questions to find out exactly what you need and help define your objectives.

Once we've done that, we will then propose the best overall event strategy, timeline, budget, action plan, agenda, creative production, and staging (virtual/physical) to delight you and your attendees.


What We Offer

Without valuable and inspiring content, an event suffers.

With us, you'll benefit from what is probably the most exhaustive research process in the events industry.

When necessary, rigorous research methodology will be applied to your projects, with topics, scripts, speakers, entertainers, and presenters that reflect the relevance and audience demand.

You may want to define your own topics and/or speakers, in this case, you will receive support through speakers' onboarding, briefings, rehearsals, fee/token arrangements, logistic and on-site coordination.

Event logistics can be complex and time-consuming, not to mention stressful.

Engaging an efficient, 'can-do' logistic team, experienced in planning seamless events is crucial as it will involve all facets of the delivery of your event, from venue selection to on-site management. We aim to assure you of the best rates and the choice of venue that reflects your event objectives and audience expectations.

It's not so much about the platform, it's about the experience you're trying to create.

Similarly, for virtual events -

the chosen platform and integration of the right applications play an important role to achieve the same kind of results.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Working on video production, projection, sound, lighting, theming, set, and signage designers and suppliers -

we always aim to ensure creativity married with sheer professionalism, for any scale of the event.

All contracts with suppliers are rigorously vetted for safety compliance and risk assessment.

For in-person events, we assist you in obtaining relevant permits, insurance, and licenses from relevant authorities.

For virtual events, a different set of licenses and subscriptions may be required. 


Once all tasks have been fulfilled, you will be guided for event walk-through - from registration to the analytics of post-event.

Events are your brands' most important marketing tool. It is important that your events require the right marketing strategies for promotion.

Depending on the type of event and targeted audience/participants, whether via digital or offline channels, you may want to leverage on other brands/organisations/companies/government agencies as 'event partners', in executing inspired, hard-hitting, integrated PR, marketing, and promotional campaigns.

We will work with you in exploring and overseeing the strategy to execution, focusing on creativity, measurability,

and return of investment (ROI) / return of engagement (ROE).

It can come to you in different ways. You never know who is watching you. 

So be 'Sponsor-ready' at all times.

A critical source of revenue for any event with commercial ambitions can be sponsorship.

although you may prefer to take full 'ownership' of an event. 

If you need to secure sponsorship revenue, we can assist by generating this additional stream of revenue, managing the entire process from research on potential sponsors/partners, customised value packages, to sponsorship deliverables and management.

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Let's Work Together

"Attention to detail is not about perfection.

It's about excellence, about constant improvement."

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